Infertility/Maternity Reflexology

The techniques used in Infertility Reflexology differ from regular reflexology in that more emphasis is placed on the Endocrine system to balance and maintain a dialogue between each hormone producing gland to help ensure they are working together.   This together with the concept of balancing and harmonising mind, body and spirit, reducing stress and anxiety levels and ensuring that monthly cycles and hormone production are working at optimum levels can help your body have the best chance of conceiving.

In Maternity Reflexology more relaxing techniques are used to calm both mother and baby, direct attention is paid to areas commonly associated with pain during pregnancy, for example backache, digestive symptoms including heartburn, swelling etc. The health and wellbeing of the mother throughout pregnancy has a direct effect on the wellbeing of baby. Once the baby is at 40 weeks there are reflexology techniques that can be used to encourage baby to start the birth process

60 minutes £40